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Features & Specs

  • Slingshot Red Pearl Paint, Turbo Grey, or Black Pearl
  • Blade Wind Deflector windshield
  • Premium 18″ Cast Aluminum Front Wheels and 20″ Cast Aluminum Rear Wheel
  • Media Control: 4.3 LCD Screen, Back-up Camera, 6 Speaker Audio System, Bluetooth integration
Curb Weight1718 lbs.
Overall Length (in/mm)149.6 in/3800 mm
Overall Width (in/mm)77.6 in/1971 mm
Overall Height (in/mm)51.9 in/1318 mm

Yes, the Slingshot has three wheels. Polaris has gone back to the drawing board and come back with something dangerously exhilarating. This three-wheeler sits inches from the ground with an open cockpit.

Luckily, the Slingshot has waterproof seats, three-point belts, and forged aluminum roll hoops. With its 5 speed manual transmission and steering whee,l the thrill is endless. Although many states are having issues placing this beast into a category (motorcycle, vehicle, off-road) it is for now legal in florida to drive on public roads with a motorcycle endorsement.

Concealing a mounted GM ecotec 2.4-liter engine under that sleek hood the Polaris Slingshot pushes roughly 173 Ponies and 166 pound-feet of torque when on the asphalt. In other words, we recommend you buckle up!

Luckily when you rent any of our slingshots, you will have an upgraded optional windshield available on the SL models, which is just about tall enough to keep the bugs out of your teeth but not from splattering against your forehead. Each seat has an all in one, molded headrest that’s designed to force your head down when you’re wearing a helmet. First Drive goes into all the details of this bad boy down to the inches.



Max Wet Weight                          1749 lbs.

Overall Length (in/mm)                149.6 in/3800 mm

Overall Width (in/mm)                  77.9 in/1980 mm

Overall Height (in/mm)   51.9 in/1318 mm

Track Width (in/mm)   69.1 in/1755 mm

Wheelbase (in/mm)   105.0 in/2667 mm

Ground Clearance (in/mm)   5.0 in/127 mm


Engine                           GM Ecotec 2.4L DOHC

Displacement (cid/cc)   2384 cc

Bore and Stroke            88mm x 98mm

Compression Ratio       10.4:1

Valve Train                      DOHC, VVT

Fuel                                91 octane or higher


Rev Limit (RPM)             7200 RPM

Peak Power (HP)             173 HP @ 6200 RPM

Peak Torque (ft-lbs)       166 ft-lbs @ 4700 RPM


Fuel (Gallons/Liters)       9.77 Gallons / 37.1 Liters


Brake Rotors (Front)       Vented cast iron rotor, aluminum center hub, 298mm diameter

Brake Rotors (Rear)       Vented cast iron rotor, aluminum center hub, 298mm diameter


Front Tire Type                            Kenda SS-799

Front Tire Size                              225/45R18

Front Wheel Type                        Forged Aluminum

Front Wheel Size                         18×7.5 J

Rear Tire Type                            Kenda SS-799

Rear Tire Size                              305/30R20

Rear Wheel Type                        Forged Aluminum

Rear Wheel Size                          20×11.0 J



Clutch Type                                Dry, Single Plate, Hydraulically Actuated

Transmission Type                     5 Speed Synchromesh with Reverse

1st Gear Ratio                             3.753:1

2nd Gear Ratio                          2.258:1

3rd Gear Ratio                           1.512:1

4th Gear Ratio                            1.000:1

5th Gear Ratio                           .729:1

Reverse Gear Ratio                    3.672:1

Gear Shift Pattern                       H

Bevel Drive Ratio               2.312:1

Final Drive Type                Carbon Fiber Reinforced Belt, 36mm x 147T

Final Drive Ratio                1.590:1


Actuation                             Rack-and-pinion

Assist                                           Polaris EPAS, Speed Sensitive

Steering Turns, lock-to-lock        3.2


Battery                                30AH, 12V, 400 CCA


Headlight Projector                       H9 65w

Auxiliary Light Projector                H3 55w

Tail/Brake Light                  LED

Turn Signals                                LED

License Plate Light                        LED

Speedometer & Indicator Lights    LED


ABS (Anti-Lock Brakes)                  Standard

ESC (Electronic Stability Control)  Standard

Traction Control                              Standard


Factory Warranty                          2 Years

Title FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

- Is a Special License Required to Drive our Vehicles?

  • No, a special license in not required to drive our vehicles. Drivers are only required to have a valid state-issued driver’s license.  And be over 21 years of age.  As of July, 1st 2018 the state of Florida has declared the slingshot an auto-cycle and can be driven with a regular drivers license. That means all the enthusiast that were waiting to be able to drive this beast can do so now! Learn more about the license requirements of driving a slingshot in each state here

- Are Any Special Skills Required to Drive Our Vehicles?

  • Yes, the operator must be able to drive a 5-speed manual transmission.

- Are there Any Age Requirements?

  • We required that our renters and drivers be at least 21 years of age. 

- Are there any Mileage Limits?

  • There are not mileage limits for how far you can drive our vehicles during your rental period. As long as you return at the designated return time, you can drive them as far as you would like. 

- What is the Cancellation Policy?

  • We request that cancellations be made at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled pick-up time. Cancellations made at least 48-hours prior to pick-up are eligible for a full refund. Cancellations made within the 48-hour time period will be eligible for a…(you should fill out here what your policy is within the timeframe). 


What is the Fuel Policy?

  • Fill’ er up! All Slingshots are rented with a FULL tank of REGULAR gas. Unless specified on a promotion or special offer, it must be returned with a FULL tank of REGULAR gas. Now, if you like you can leave the hassle to us and for $40 we will handle refueling of the slingshot.  If we need to rescue you there is a $100 charge.